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Sarah and Tommy // Serra Valley Farms - Maryland Wedding Photographer

The first time I met Sarah, we worked at a preschool together and I had very limited experience with newborns yet I had to help out in that classroom. My first impression of Sarah was literally thinking she was superwoman or "The Baby Whisperer". I watched her make sure all of these children in her care had everything they needed and she made it look so effortless. That's when I knew that she had such a giving personality and it shows. I was SO excited to be there for a day that was all about her love story with Tommy and watch her get pampered.

Sarah and Tommy have such a strong relationship and it has been so amazing to be able to see their love story come together on their wedding day. I cannot wait to show you this sneak peek into their day and I cannot wait for them to receive their photos soon!

This bride tribe was SO fun to be around, I loved laughing with them and getting to know them throughout the day! They are such a strong support system and made sure Sarah had everything ready as she got ready to walk down the aisle!

I will tell you that this was the HOTTEST wedding ceremony we have photographed yet. And for a day that called for 85% thunderstorms, I'll take the scorching heat over a downpour any day! I loved the wooden archway and string quartet! This was their first wedding ceremony and they did an amazing job!

Guests were transported from the ceremony site to the reception by wagons which was a great rustic touch that Serra Valley Farms adds to their services! To make sure we didn't miss a thing, I was lucky to hitch a ride on one of the golf carts. Huge thank you for the venue making sure we had everything we needed!

Sarah and Tommy's first dance song was "Amazed" by Lonestar and they were singing to each other as they danced which was swoonworthy.

And Sarah danced with her dad to "My Little Girl" by Tim Mcgraw which ALWAYS makes me cry. No matter what. I still remember watching Flicka when it first came out and that song just tore me up.

There's so much more to share from the reception and I can't wait for the bride and groom to see all the moments, for now we're gonna head straight to what I always love to see at a wedding: the CAKE.

I mean, I'm a huge fan of wedding cake so when the moment arrives, I AM HERE FOR IT.

Check out Sarah's sister in the back dual-wielding those glow sticks! :D

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into their big day! Thank you so much for choosing us Sarah and Tommy, we loved capturing these moments and cannot wait for you to receive the full gallery!


Photography // Tayler Brianne Photography

Venue // Serra Valley Farms in Mt Airy, MD

DJ // Valaree Dickerson

Catering & Cake // DJs Catering

Hair and Make-up // Veronica Kerrigan

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