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Liz and Won // Engagement at Cylburn Aboretum in Baltimore, Maryland

Last weekend we joined Liz and Won for their engagement session and it was so fun! We met them at Cylburn Aboretum in Baltimore, Maryland. This was our first time going to this location and there were so many fun spots to experiment with. Liz came well prepared for the session, throughout this post I'm going to list things you can do to help make the most out of your engagement session!

Firstly: RELAX! I know, easier said than done when you have a girl following you around with a camera! The main goal of this engagement session is to establish a vendor-client relationship so that by the time the wedding day approaches, we know each other! Also, makes for cute photos too!

Liz and Won were naturals when it came to the smiles and laughter. I always encourage my couples to laugh and smile BIG. When captured "candidly" they don't look forced, don't worry about looking silly when I ask for you to give a huge laugh. It often looks great in the final image!

This spot in Baltimore has everything from a historic mansion to this wonderfully unique tree and beautiful gardens. It's a photographer's dream! Trust your photographer when they ask you to stand in certain places and be patient if we're specific with where we pose you. The main reason for this is we're trying to get the BEST lighting for the image which sometimes requires some moving around!

Another tip is to bring TWO outfits to your engagement session. This way you can have a casual look as well as a formal look. I love when couples get dressed up for their photos. This is a perfect occasion to dress like movie stars!

Give your photographer your ring! We will keep it safe and won't put it in any risky places. Ring shots allow for a beautiful display of such a gorgeous symbol of your love!

We cannot wait for Liz and Won's wedding next summer. If you thought this location was beautiful, wait until you see their venue!

We are still booking select dates for 2019 and have opened up booking for 2020. Our prices will be increasing very soon! Inquire soon to hold onto our 2018 pricing!

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