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Hustle and Hearth - Southern Styled Workshop // Nashville, TN

Last month, I was able to join some incredibly talented photographers at a styled workshop in Nashville. I am so excited to share the hard work that went into this shoot:

Music City, Tennessee has been number one on my list of travel locations for years. I have been drawn to the southern hospitality I've heard so much about, not to mention the small town feel nestled in such a big city. Needless to say, Nashville did not disappoint. Shooting along fellow photographers and educators at the Hustle and Hearth workshop was an amazing experience and a definite highlight to the trip.

Keep scrolling to see all the lovely as well as a full vendor list:

A huge goal I've set for myself is to branch out from my comfort zone. To be honest, when I began my journey with photography, the idea of working with other photographers was a source of anxiety for me. I would often think to myself, "What if I'm doing everything wrong? What if they judge me for my lack of experience? Or what if I realize how wrong this career choice is for me?" These thoughts would swirl in my head and I avoided networking for these reasons. Instead, I taught myself a lot of the skills I developed through experimenting and watching YouTube videos. I was failing to realize how powerful learning from your peers can be.

This workshop instilled a new confidence in me when it comes to photography. And I cannot thank Mahlia and Ashton enough for that! Sometimes we need to see another photographer work and shoot creatively to shake off that imposter syndrome. What's that line from the Wizard of Oz... "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."

With Mahlia teaching us how to gather key shots from reception details to Ashton from Ashton Kelley Photography guiding us on posing flows... I left feeling great about what's to come in our future at Tayler Brianne Photography.

I am so grateful to Mahlia for inviting me to her workshop. As soon as I entered, I felt welcomed and a part of a group who were ready to learn, grow and collaborate. Instead of me rushing to the assumptions that I might feel less than, I instead felt empowered and more confident in my artistic ability. The workshop was inspiring and I took away so many great nuggets of wisdom to apply to my business.

If you're wondering if a workshop experience is for you, I would quiet the hesitations and go for it! Everyone starts somewhere and one of the biggest helps when it comes to working in this industry is the community that surrounds you!

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Workshop - Hustle & Hearth

Venue & Bar - Cannery One Nashville

Design & Planning - Amy & I Designs

Catering - Flavor Catering

Calligraphy - The Artisan Abode

Menswear - Street Tuxedo

Bridesmaids Dresses - Bella Bridesmaids Nashville

Invitations - Pretty Suite Paper

Ring Boxes - Amonie Ring Boxes

Necklaces and Earrings - Aden + Claire Jewelry

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