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Hello! My name is Tayler!

There’s so much I want to share with you, I’m having trouble with where to start! My life’s mission is to capture genuine love stories in the form of an everlasting keepsake. I started this mission when I found the love of my life, Erick. Erick is my best friend, roommate and second photographer who also values this mission. Together, with our Puggle Bailey we’re building the life we’ve always dreamed for ourselves and sharing our love of photography together.

So who am I when I’m not clicking my shutter at you and telling you where to stand and which direction to look? I’m like most young adults. I watch too much netflix, I don’t know when to stop drinking coffee and start drinking wine and I’m almost always wearing mismatched socks. I have a deep love for black licorice and sloths (I’m not kidding) I even have a sloth who sits on my dashboard in my car. My favorite scent is lavender and I absolutely cannot stand having free time. Most of the time, I just sit there twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to do.

So now that I’ve told you some of my fun facts, I cannot wait to hear more about yours!

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